About Kasey
V.P of Playtime Activities/Senior Snoozer/Paper Shredder/Mess-Maker/Watch Dog

Krazy Kasey Doodles is Kasey's official name, mainly because she runs crazy obstacles courses around the living room every chance she gets. Krazy Dog was named after her and her antics. Kasey is a very energetic Tri-Color Shetland Sheepdog, 5 years old. She won the "Blue Ribbon" in her first Beginners training class, and she passed her test to join the Delta Society to become a therapy dog. That means that she and Karine went to the hospital to visit the patients. Kasey is very helpful in the business, and she is very happy to go to work every day and not have to get kenneled up. Kasey has two brothers, Justin, another Tri-Color Sheltie and Max, a rescued Sable Sheltie. And yes, her tongue really does stick out like the caricature when she runs. You can reach Kasey here.
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