About Karine
Owner/CEO/President/CFO/Creative Director/Senior Web Designer/Senior Graphic Designer/Image Retoucher/ Accountant/Administrative Assistant/Lackey/Does-It-All

Karine's graphic design career started when she called up the office of Industrial Design at The Ohio State University and asked what "Industrial Design" was. After many an all-nighter, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design with a Visual Communications Emphasis. She moved to NYC to be a poor graphic designer in the "Big City." A number of years later, she started her own business in Connecticut doing mainly large catalogs, which was not design at all, but Project Management. At some point, Karine decided that she wanted to learn new things and she applied for a job "Demonstrating and training a high-end retouching system." She didn't know what that was at the time, but got the job anyway. That started her career with software companies and mastering image retouching, printing technology, software training, and GUI design and useablilty. At some point, it was time to move on, and Karine was drawn to ecommerce companies. Thus began her careers in web design, QA and the art of being laid off. Karine then decided to start her own business, yet again, but this time doing all of the things she really loved to do - web design, graphic design and image retouching. Thus Krazy Dog was born. Email Karine here.
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