About Bob
CIO/V.P. Computer Services/Programmer/Troubleshooter/Mr. Fix-It/Knows-It-All

Bob's interest in computers started from watching shows like the original Star Trek and The Forbin Project. In 1973, Bob was a sophomore at a high school that was lucky enough to have several 300 baud teletype terminals connected to the local community college mainframe. He learned programming in BASIC and from then on was hooked on computers and technology. Attaining a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Engineering, Bob was off and running. During his career he has been involved in every aspect of computing, from designing computer based hardware to writing software (in over 10 different programming languages) and from designing company networks to Windows NT/2000 and Unix/Linux system administration. With this background there isn't much Bob can't handle in helping you with your computer needs, whether it's installing new software, upgrading that old computer, or networking your office or home. Email Bob here.
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